Bridging Academic Research and Practical Implication: Knowledge Creation and Transferring

Thai student academic conference (TSAC2018)

“Bridging Academic Research and Practical Implication: Knowledge Creation and Transferring”


In the new era of technological transformation, research and innovation development and their commercial applications are driving a sustainable economic growth throughout the world. While industry energizes innovation through research and development (R&D) initiatives,  academia where talented researchers are cultivated still acts as a major catalyst for future knowledge-based growth. Nevertheless, an effective linkage is needed to facilitate the exploitation of the generated knowledge and discoveries back to industry and society.

In the early 21st century, Thailand has introduced a new economic model called as “Thailand 4.0” which is intended to propel the country towards an innovation-driven economy. Under this model, creating technological innovation through the use of research excellence has represented the country’s main priority. To pursue this transformation, Thailand has defined a new national engine of growth where Thailand’s two unique comparative advantages (biodiversity and cultural diversity) are shaped into competitive advantages in the 10 targeted industries namely next-generation cars, smart electronics, affluent medical and wellness tourism, agriculture and biotechnology, food, robotics for industry, logistics and aviation, biofuels and biochemical, digital and medical services. In a nutshell, the most important element in Thailand 4.0 is the development of technology cluster and future industries (in which Thailand have had those technology platforms).

Therefore, TSAC2018 conference is held to support the government’s scheme policy. Participants will be able to explore new knowledge and practical skills to bridge the gap between their academic research and various practical applications in ten targeted industries through extensive knowledge exchange and creation on your own. After attending the conference, the participants will definitely gain new skills, ideas, and best practices aimed at valorising and exploiting a state-of-the-art innovation. Finally, we are strongly convinced that our program event today as part of establishing and supporting the Thailand 4.0 model will have a valuable beneficial effect on our society in return.  


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