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Guideline for Abstract Submission
via EasyChair

1. Open the conference's URL in EasyChair:

Log in to EasyChair with your account. If you don't have an account, click create an account and follow the instruction on the website.

2. When you log in to EasyChair and see the welcome page (as in the below picture), click the conference's URL again:


(For those who already have an account, you will not see this step after logging in but you will be directed to Step 3)


3. Once you are in My EasyChair, click enter as author to start submission process, then click at New Submission.


4. Fill out the detail of your abstract


5. After submitting your abstract, you will get a confirmation on the website and via email. Please use the submission number (see the below picture) as a reference abstract number for the conference registration.


6. You can simply reply to the confirmation email and attach a high-resolution figure. If you have a table in your extended abstract you can skip this step. 

7. The editorial team will check for the completeness of your submission within 24 hours. You will get informed if your submission is not complete, and you need to edit your submission before the submission deadline. Therefore, please submit your extended abstract earlier before the deadline and allow the editorial team to have the time to check for your extended abstract before sending it out for the reviewers. In case that your abstract is not complete by the deadline, the editorial team has the right to reject your extended abstract